White - fatty acid

Green - acrylodan fluorescence with fatty acid bound

  Blue - acrylodan fluorescence with no fatty acid bound
  Yellow - ribbon representation of rat intestinal fatty acid binding protein (FABP)
  This model is based on the crystal structures determined by Sacchettini and his collaborators.



ADIFAB is a unique, patented, fluorescent assay that enables you to assay the aqueous (unbound) concentration of free fatty acids in as little as one minute.

ADIFAB2 is a high affinity version of our original ADIFAB assay and provides greater sensitivity for low concentrations of unbound free fatty acids. ADIFAB2 is recommended for serum or plasma measurements.

FFA Specific Probes reveal enhanced specificity for individual FFA and other metabolites.

Each of our probes is packaged with a storage buffer, a measuring buffer, and a calibrating standard.

Other Products

I-FABP is recombinant rat intestinal fatty acid binding protein.

FFA Standards are calibrated aqueous solutions of fatty acids complexed with bovine serum albumin.

Custom Assays for your choice of metabolites.

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