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ADIFAB2 Kits include ADIFAB2 , a storage buffer, a measuring buffer and a standard.

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ADIFAB2 (Acrylodan labeled Intestinal Fatty Acid Binding Protein) is a fluorescent molecule that enables you to assay the aqueous concentration of free fatty acids, also known as unbound free fatty acids, in a simple procedure that completes in approximately one minute.

The assay can be used in a variety of biochemical and clinical applications including the determination of lipase activity, fatty acid binding to membranes and proteins, and serum unbound free fatty acid levels.

ADIFAB2 is a high affinity version of the original ADIFAB probe. It is formed by acrylodan labeling the Leu72 to Ala mutant of the Intestinal Fatty Acid Binding Protein. ADIFAB2, similarly to ADIFAB, can be used to assay unbound free fatty acid levels but provides greater sensitivity for low concentrations of the FFA levels. For those concentrations below about 400 nM, the increase in the ADIFAB2 emission ratio is about twice that for ADIFAB.

Also, ADIFAB2 fluorescence emission spectra occur at longer wavelengths. Binding affinities for ADIFAB2 are approximately ten times greater than for ADIFAB. On the other hand, ADIFAB has a wider range of sensitivity than ADIFAB2 and is preferable for higher concentrations of unbound free fatty acids.

Assay Method

You can determine unbound free fatty acid levels in an aqueous solution with a simple, one step procedure : add a small amount of the ADIFAB2 reagent to a solution suspected of containing unbound free fatty acid and measure the resulting fluorescence. Although the assay method for ADIFAB2 is similar to that for ADIFAB, the excitation and emission wavelengths are different. The excitation value for ADIFAB2 is 375 nm and the emission wavelengths are 550 and 457 nm.


  • Accuracy: to greater than 1nM depending on FA type
  • Purity : Gel electrophoresis > 95%
  • Form: Lyopholized powder
  • Weight: 15000 Da


ADIFAB2 should be stored at 4C upon receipt, should be protected from light, and must not be frozen. The product is stable in a storage buffer at 4C for >3 months.

Patent Number 5,470,714


ADIFAB2 does not contain any hazardous components above 1% or any carcinogens above 0.1% as defined in 29 CFR 1910.1200, the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard.



Intracellular FFAu levels


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