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New Probes


FFA Sciences is developing new fluorescent probes. These probes have enhanced specificity for individual FFA and other metabolites.

New FFA specific probes include: PAL, a high affinity probe with enhanced specificity for palmitate (16:0) and OAL, a high affinity probe with enhanced specificity for oleate (18:1).

For more information refer to: Protocols.

These and other FFA specific probes such as Arachidonic, DHA, Linoleic and Stearic have been used to determine the profile of different unbound FFA in mixtures of FFA in equilibrium with albumin as described in the following publication:

Fatty Acid-Specific Fluorescent Probes and Their Use in Resolving Mixtures of Unbound Free Fatty Acids in Equilibrium with Albumin Andrew H. Huber, J. Patrick Kampf, Thomas Kwan, Baolong Zhu, and Alan M. Kleinfeld Biochemistry; 2006; 45:14263-14274


Price Information

Our kits include a reagent, a storage buffer, a measuring buffer and a standard.

Catalog #: PAL-200 or OAL-200

Unit Size: 0.2 mg

Price: $395

Catalog #: PAL-1000 or OAL-1000

Unit Size: 1.0 mg

Price: $1,200